Trump vs Clinton's views on immigration

The election fever is heating up and the respective nominees for Vice President have been announced with a lot of fanfare by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There have been a lot of public meetings and conventions where both the Republicans and the Democrats have had a chance to set up their party platforms.
Each one is highlighting what they represent and believe in, and it is a known fact what Trump thinks about immigration and what he has proposed and promised to do if elected president. While Trump wants to deport all illegal immigrants, Hillary Clinton wants to give them a chance and allow each of them a chance to submit an application for naturalization. When it comes to certain other issues both Clinton and Trump seem to have come to some sort of consensus, like questioning the benefits accruing out of free trade deals and helping the middle class to improve their standard of living by increasing their incomes.
Trump is still harping on illegal immigration, which he claims is proving to cost the United States billions of dollars. He claims that locals are losing heavily in the job market because of uncontrolled immigration. He plans to build a great wall across the Mexican border and wants the Mexicans to pay for it. His immigration policies include deportation of all aliens who have criminal records and stricter punishments for people who are overstaying their visas. More importantly, he is against allowing the children of undocumented immigrants submitting an application for naturalization, even though they are born on US soil.
Clinton, on the other hand, wants the government to ease the path to citizenship for all the undocumented immigrants by giving them a fair chance to submit U.S. citizenship application form and make them citizens of the U.S. She also is the view that all private detention centers need to be closed leading to the integration of immigrants. She actively supported Obama’s executive order that gave deportation relief to millions of people, though it was blocked by the Supreme Court.
Again Trump has been vehemently in support of the gun lobby group, the National Rifle Association. He sees no risk of violence because of liberal gun control laws and proposes to reduce violence by empowering gun owning citizens to use guns only in self-defense. He is the view that had the people been fully armed during the Paris terror attack they could have thwarted it. He also advocates stronger punishment for people committing crimes using their guns and says a gun ban cannot work and would certainly be a total failure.
Clinton, however, suggests that all gun owners’ backgrounds need to be checked, and the introduction of new laws to check criminals and domestic abusers from purchasing firearms. The gun industry should no longer be granted immunity whenever their weapons are used in committing crimes. Unless a background check is completed within 3 days, the gun sale should not go ahead, as it has until now.
On the job front, Trump feels that the Americans have been denied their rightful share of jobs which are going to the immigrants who are prepared to work for lesser pay. He suggests a revival of the manufacturing sector and abolishing any further negotiations on free trade deals. He promises lowering of corporate tax to 15% and tax relief for middle-class Americans. He also proposed tax immunity for people earning less than $25, 000 a year. He also wants to put an end to the tax loopholes that the ultra rich have been taking advantage of.
Clinton, on her part, wants to increase the minimum wage, introduce paid family leaves, and reduce taxes for hard-working families. She proposes increased investment in infrastructure, cleaner energy, and for focusing on scientific research.
It is anybody’s guess who is going to win the election and become the next president of the United States. However, not all the promises given by Trump or Clinton can be practically kept given the difficulties in implementing certain things which will need to be Okayed by the Congress. However, this election is being closely watched by the entire world, and how it is going to change the immigration policy is a big question that is yet unanswered.