What happens, if Donald Trump were to become President

Ever since Donald Trump stepped out of the golden escalator with all his flamboyance and announced his candidature for president he has turned a very orthodox candidate nominated by the Republican Party. He’s been churning out his policy stands on trade, he’s given his views about immigration rather vehemently, and even given his views on gay rights, which all happen to be just the opposite of what Republicans have been standing for all along.

However, he represents the Party now, and what is surprising is that the party is bending to all his whims and fancies. Here are five main areas where Trump has gone against the Republican line:


Immigration is a major plank that Trump is using during his election campaigns. His statement last December calling for the closing the US border for all Muslims “till we can figure out what’s going on” created ripples internationally. He’s changed his stand of late, saying the recommendation would apply only to countries that are known to harbor terrorists who act against the U.S. He was also campaigning against the undocumented immigrants, sometimes referred to as illegal immigrants. Most of them are from Mexico, and he believes they are rapists and drug peddlers. He was talking about the 11 million such undocumented immigrants whom he wanted deported, though he has changed his stand of late. If Trump were to be elected president none of the immigrants would be able to submit naturalization application form to become naturalized U.S. citizens.

National Security

All Trump wants is a great wall running right across the border with Mexico. He wants this proposed 2,000-mile wall to be impenetrable and run through mountains, dales, and deserts. The estimated cost is $12 billion, at the most conservative of estimates, and he wants Mexico to bear the cost in the form of tariffs, visa fees, etc. He wants to spend a lot of money on the U.S. military and feels that it needs to be “funded beautifully”. He believes that mutual defense agreements with NATO and South Korea need to be tuned down.


Trump feels that the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be unfair trade deals. He also wants elaborate policy changes in US-China trade. He feels all the trade deals were one-sided because they were not negotiated professionally. None of the deals offer enough protection for the U.S. workers, and nor are the intellectual property rights protected. He is also against the U.S. companies moving their manufacturing facilities to other countries to benefit from the lower wages there.

Gay Rights

All along Trump has been quite liberal in his views about gay marriages. Even when musician Elton John decided to hitch his partner with who he had spent many years, Trump tweeted, “if two people dig each other, they dig each other”. However, now, during his campaigns he has made a volte-face, and has been advocating the ‘man for woman’ principle. He is also of the view that states should not be prevailed upon to accept same-sex couples legally.

In the same breath, he has expressed his displeasure with the distasteful law that North Carolina has passed which requires transgenders to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender by birth rather than by choice. Soon after the horrific shootings at a gay bar in Orlando Trump sent out appeals to the gay community assuring them that he cared more for them than Hillary Clinton did, and wanted to protect them from Islamic terrorists.

Foreign Policy

Trump is of the view that the current U.S. foreign policy is disastrous as it has no vision, purpose, direction or strategy. While condemning the U.S. war in Iraq, he is critical of the Obama administration’s actions to overthrow the Libyan government. Nor is he happy with the fight against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. He’s also promised to open the nuclear program plans with Iran, which according to him can have disastrous effects. The only person he seems to favor is Russian President Vladimir Putin and claims the two of them can really get along fine.