Hillary V Donald the numbers speak for themselves

What is the thinking of an average supporter of the two presidential nominees in the U.S.? Is the social media conveying anything about the two most talked about political personalities in the U.S.  There’s a lot to be garnered from the figures that have been made available?

While Hillary Clinton has only 38.3% of the males supporting her, Donald Trump is much better off with 50.3% of the men expressing their solidarity with him. When it comes to females, Clinton clinches it 61.7% of the women rallying behind her, while the figure is lower at 49.7 % of the women saying that they support Donald.

Profession wise, 25% of the artists are united in their support for Clinton and Trump has managed to garner just 21% of the artists conveying their support for him. While 26% of the executives believe that they should go with Trump, only 18% of the executives believe Clinton is the ideal choice. Trump has 10% of the health practitioners believing that he is best for the country while Clinton has hardly anyone from that sector supporting her.

While 11% of the Clinton supporters said their interests lie in family parenting, an impressive 16% of the Trump supporters said the same. Clinton has 9% of the learned types (readers) who will be voting for her, whereas Trump has 11% of the sports persons believing that he would do good for the country. It appears more business persons seem to be behind Trump with 8% from that community supporting him.

While Clinton has Jamie Lee Curtis as the most influential celebrity, with Trump it is Dennis Rodman who has been chosen as the most influential celebrity. While Curtis is an apartment dweller in the city limits, Rodman has his own mansion in the countryside. Clinton has been able to generate positive discussions in areas like Delaware, South Dakota, and Alaska, with Trump it is areas like South Carolina, Montana, and Alabama where discussions have turned out to be most positive.


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